The UCTs are often tasked with inspecting, maintaining, and repairing cables, pipelines, fleet moorings, piles, cathodic protection systems, and other marine facilities. They also carry out a number of different types of site surveys and often install new facilities, especially cables, pipelines, and shallow water ranges. Many underwater work techniques and procedures are common to inspection, survey, maintenance, repair, and installation tasks and are described in this chapter. The technique and procedure descriptions provided below are general in nature and are not intended to satisfy every situation that may be encountered. Sound judgment by the personnel on site must always be exercised when applying any underwater work technique.

The work techniques described in this chapter include:

• Underwater tools (Section 2.2)

• Removing marine growth (Section 2.3)

• Thermal cutting and welding (Section 2.4)

• Controlled blasting (Section 2.7)

• Remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) (Section 2.9)

• Protective coating application (Section 2.12)

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