Riser Chain Subassembly

a. Links

• Using appropriate tools, clean the following components for measurements:

(1) First three links below bottom jewelry.

(2) Three links just above ground ring.

(3) Three links about halfway in between these two areas.

(4) If the riser contains more than one shot of chain, clean links and take measurements at both ends and near the center of each shot.

• In a nonriser-type mooring clean:

(1) First three links of each leg just below buoy's padeyes.

(2) Three links just above mudline.

(3) Three links about halfwayin-be-tween.

• Take and record double-link measurements of cleaned links. (See Figure 341 for "go-no go" gauges.)

• Record length of one of the links cleaned at each area.

• Check for and record manufacturer's markings.

• Check for pitting, measure diameter and depth of any pits found, and record results.

• Record water depth below buoy where each measurement is taken.

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