Reference Information For Uct Personnel

Table of Contents


"To Convert Into Multiply By" Table B-5

Seawater Pressure to Head Conversion (for 64 lb/fit3) B-12

Fraction-Decimal-Metric Conversion B-13

Feet to Meters, Meters to Feet B-13

Weight Equivalents B-14

Pressure Conversion B-14

Density Conversion B-14

Power Conversion B-15

Prefixes B-15

Temperature Conversion to Fahrenheit to Centrigrade B-15

Approximate Specific Gravities and Densities of Materials B-16

Properties of Wood B-21

Adhesives for Bonding Common Construction Materials B-22

Abbreviations B-24

Galvanic Corrosion B-31

Common Area and Volume Formulas B-32

Common Trigonometric Calculations B-33

Common Buoyancy Calculations B-34

Approximate Formulas for Seamanship B-35

Fleet Angle B-36


How to Figure Line Parts B-37

Wire Rope Sheave Diameter B-38

Definitions B-39

Sheave Loads for Fairleading or Lifting and Lift Loads for Bridles or Slings B-40

Di-Lok and Stud Link Anchor Chain Dimensions and Test Requirements B-41

Efficiencies of 3-Kip (3,000-lb) Drag Anchors with Chain in Cohesionless and Soft Cohesive Soils B-43

Static Bollard Pull Formula B-44

3 x 14 Standard Warping Tug Operations Platform B-45

LCM-8 Operations Platform B-47

LCU-1501 Class Operations Platform B-50

LCU-1610 Class Operations Platform B-52

LARC V Operations Platform B-54

LARC XV Operations Platform B-56

Modular Construction Platform B-58

Sea Station Description B-62

To Convert


Multiply By


cm of mercury

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