Organization Of Manual

This manual is divided into eight chapters and five appendixes:

• Chapter 1 describes the purpose and scope of the manual, the preparation required before starting a project, and the documentation required upon completion.

• Chapter 2 describes the various underwater work techniques used by the UCTs in carrying out specific inspection, survey, repair, and installation tasks.

• Chapter 3 describes the specific tasks for inspections.

• Chapter 4 describes the specific tasks for site surveys.

• Chapter 5 describes the specific tasks for maintenance and repair.

• Chapter 6 describes the specific tasks for new installation.

• Chapter 7 is a list of references, organized by sections of the manual, which provide additional information on specific subjects.

• Chapter 8 is a glossary of words and phrases commonly used in underwater construction operations.

• Appendix A contains a list of names and addresses of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and material often used by the UCTs that are not available from Navy sources.

• Appendix B contains technical information useful to UCT personnel.

• Appendix C provides sample site investigation checklists.

• Appendix D provides a discussion of underwater electrical safety.

• Appendix E provides information regarding National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) bathymétrie map products.

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