Modular Construction Platform

The Modular Construction Platform (MCP) is a mobile and floating work platform designed to support UCT ocean construction operations where sea support vessels are not available. It is powered by two marine outboard propulsion units. Deck equipment on the platform includes an articulating knuckle boom crane, a singledrum winch, and an A-frame.

The modular construction platform provides diver support and transportation for inspection, construction, and repair operations. The MCP may be quickly assembled and launched for use in contingency operations. Missions include cable and small pipeline installation, inspection an repair, site surveying, and underwater and waterfront pier and structure repair.

The basic platform shown in Figure B-l is composed of 12 pontoons. There are four box-end pontoons (NA-P20XX), each weighing approximately 13,000 pounds, and eight raked-end pontoons (NA-P20RX), each weighing approximately 12,500 pounds. These 12 ISO-compatible pontoons are connected together to form a single 32- by 60-foot barge.

The modular construction scheme allows the MCP components to be transported by conventional means and assembled on site into a large work vessel. Assembly is best accomplished in a calm harbor or bay. A team of UCT personnel together with support equipment can assemble and prepare the basic MCP in 8 hours. The MCP can also be assembled on a beach and hauled out to sea using anchors and winches. However, on-land assembly is difficult and requires special equipment to move and align pontoons.

The basic characteristics of the MCP are provided in Table B-l.

Table B-l. Modular Construction Platform Characteristics



Overall length

60 feet


32 feet

Overall depth

4.6 feet


158,000 pounds

Deck area

1,920 square feet

Load capacity

135,000 pounds

Tons per inch immersion

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