Lp 634 8526

CNO (N096, N422, N44, N446, N462, N873D) NAVAIRSYSCOM (PMA248/LT M. Bufkin)

NAVSEASYSCOM (Codes 00C (3 copies), OOCB, 00C5, 00C5/LT J. Rosner, PMS395)

NAVFACENGCOMHQ (Codes 12, 123, 1232, 15, 15A, 15R, 9152) (3 copies ea) U. S. Naval Academy (Attn: Superintendent, Ocean Engineering Dept, LT G. Zielinski, and Professor Robert Meyer) SPARWAR (Codes 80, 181, 181E) NAVMEDRSHINST (Code 03/LT C. Griffith) NAVXDIVTNGU (Attn: LCDR S. Lister)

NCCOSC (Code 5607/LCDR J. Schofield and LT S. Stevenson) (2 copies) NFESC (Codes ESC50W, ESC51, ESC52, ESC53 (10 copies ea), ESC54 (6 copies),

ESC55 (6 copies), and ESC56 (24 copies)) 2nd Naval Construction Brigade 3rd Naval Construction Brigade 20th Naval Construction Regiment 22nd Naval Construction Regiment 30th Naval Construction Regiment 31st Naval Construction Regiment NAVCONSTRACEN (200 copies) NAVCOASTSYSSTA (PWO/ROICC LCDR W. Oster) PWC San Diego (LT N. Underwood) NW Contracts Office (BUCS John Wright) PHIBCB-ONE (2 copies) PHIBCB-TWO (2 copies) UCT-ONE (21 copies) UCT-TWO (21 copies)

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