Larc Xv Operations Platform

Underwater Engineering Constructions

Geometry and Hydrostatics

The LARC XV (lighter amphibious re-supply cargo) is a vehicle which is capable of being operated on both land and water. The amphibious lighter has an overall length of 45 feet, a maximum width of 14.5 feet, and a maximum height to the top of the cab of 13.7 feet. The total weight is approximately 75,000 pounds. The cargo deck, which is capable of transporting a maximum payload of 30,000 pounds, is 24 feet long, 13.5 feet wide, and has a depth of 3.2 feet. There is a loaded clearance of 1.5 feet between the hull and the ground. Freeboard is 15 inches.


The vehicle is constructed with an aluminum frame supporting an aluminum hull, deck, and cab. The lighter is mounted on four rigidly supported wheels and the structure is designed to support the total craft weight on diagonally opposite pairs of wheels over the range of vertical accelerations that may be encountered. The flush deck has a high center of gravity which facilitates the self-bailing feature.

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