Findings And Recommendations

This section is applicable to all inspection projects and should present the complete results of the work done including recommendations for farther action, such as a more detailed inspection, emergency repairs, future repairs, etc. It should include photographs, sketches, inspection records, etc. Findings and recommendations should be of an objective nature providing detailed information that can be used by engineering personnel to assess structural capacity. UCT personnel normally do not make en gineering recommendations as to structural capacity or soundness of structure. The exception is in an expedient/wartime environment which is covered in NAVFAC P-991. Specific items discussed should include but not be limited to:

• Overall condition assessment.

• Type and general extent of deterioration or damage found.

• Should a structural analysis be made?

• Missing or severely damaged structural elements,

• Identify problem areas of the structure that may cause future concern ... or are existing problems.

• Can a section/portion/leg of chain be repaired?

• How would you recommend repairing it?

• Detailed crack or spalling and crack measurements (with sketches or photos of all areas, carefully annotated).

• What effects have tides and waves had on the structure?

• Does the structure have a protective coating and is it working? Is it scratched?

• Is a cathodic protection system provided and, if so, what is its condition?

• Fender condition (percent in need of repair).

• Photos, sketches, data sheets, name plate data (if applicable).

• Overall site layout (photo or chart).

• Site survey results including maps, profiles, photos, sketches.

• Include reference documents used to make any assessments.

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