dation, is consumed rapidly and must be replaced frequently.

Two types of electrodes are used for underwater oxygen-arc cutting: the exothermic and the steel-tubular electrode as illustrated in Figure 2-23. The BROCO ultrathermic cutting electrode is composed of seven small rods inside a steel tube. One of the seven rods is a special alloy that will burn independently once an arc is struck and oxygen is flowing through the tube. The remaining six rods are made of steel. The electrode, which is insulated with electrical tape, is 18 inches long and is available in both 3/8-and 1/4-inch diameters. The 3/8-inch-diameter rod is also available in 36-inch lengths.

The Arcair Sea-Jet cutting electrode consists of a thin mild steel tube enclosed in a spiral, mild steel spring-like wrapping, which is encased in a larger metal tube (see Figure 2-24). The electrode is coated with waterproofing and insulating material. Like the Ultrathermic, the Sea-Jet will burn ferrous and nonferrous mate-

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