Arctic Operation Manual Navfac P-992

NAVFAC P-990 is primarily intended as a guide for the Navy's Underwater Construction Teams (UCTs) in conducting conventional underwater construction, maintenance, and repair. It is based on experience gained during UCT operations conducted world-wide and on relevant commercial practices. The Conventional Underwater Construction and Repair Techniques Manual was first published in 1993 and since then has received wide distribution. The seven chapters and appendixes contained herein cover project preparation and documentation; site survey techniques; maintenance, repair, and installation methods; tool selection; and pertinent technical references and sources of related equipment and materials.

This manual is certified as an official publication and has been reviewed and approved in accordance with SECNAV Instruction 5600.16A.

Two companion publications for the UCTs are the "Expedient Underwater Repair Techniques Manual," NAVFAC P-991 and the "UCT Arctic Operations Manual," NAVFAC P-992. Other relevant NAVFAC publications are cited throughout the manual.

This manual is subject to continual update as new knowledge is gained. Comments and suggestions may be forwarded by using the franked form provided.

S. C. DUBA Commander, CEC, USN Director

Naval Ocean Facilities Program

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