Figure 312 Standard pile inspection report form See Figures 313 snd 314 for explanation of Ratings

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of piles; Figure 3-13 is an explanation of the condition ratings for concrete piles used on the form; and Figure 3-14 is an explanation of the condition ratings for timber piles. Steel pile inspection results are usually recorded in terms of remaining metal thickness. It should be noted, however, that the categorization of a defect, i.e., moderate, major, etc., will depend on the water depth. Piles in deeper water, with a long unsupported length, are susceptible to buckling, and loss in strength becomes more critical.

Whenever appropriate, damaged areas should be documented with still photography and closed-circuit television. Still photography provides the necessary high definition required for detailed analysis, while video, though having a less sharp image, provides a continuous view of events that can be monitored by surface engineers and recorded for later study. All photographs should be numbered, dated, and labeled with a brief description of the subject. A slate or other designation indicating the subject should appear in the photograph. When color photography is used, a color chart should be attached to the slate to indicate color distortions. Video tapes should be provided with a tide and lead-in, describing what is on the tape. The description should include the method of inspection used, the nature and size of the structure being inspected, and any other pertinent information.

A debriefing with the activity personnel, with slides or photographs, should be conducted before leaving the site, and all questions should be resolved.

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