Figure 1 How to repair concrete cracks with epoxy grout

Planning and estimating data for repair of concrete piles are provided in Table 524 (using epoxy patching) and in Table 525 (using epoxy injection).

5.7.3 Replacement

A repair technique that may be economical in some situations consists of the replacement of the entire pile. Replacement pile techniques for concrete piles are the same as for steel piles and are described in Section 5.5.3.

Pile replacement techniques require heavy equipment that is not normally available to the UCTs and is usually carried out by others. NMCBs have heavy equipment to carry out pile replacement.

5.7.4 Wrapping

Piles wrapped with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet are more resistant to abrasion and pitting by chemical action because there is no direct action by seawater on the pile. Pile wrapping techniques are described in Section 5.9.4.

Table 5-26 provides planning and estimating data for maintenance of concrete piles using wrapping.

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