Bottom sampling

- In-situ measurements

• Oceanographic surveys

- Horizontal and vertical control

- Navigation

- Current

- Conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD)

The planning and execution of a bathymétrie survey is basic to the planning and execution of all of the above surveys. This section discusses some of the considerations in planning and executing a bathymétrie survey. Section 4.4 discusses specific details for other surveys.

In the planning phase, the following decisions are made:

• Type of survey - reconnaissance or detailed.

• Areal extent of survey.

• Contour interval, survey line spacing, and survey line direction.

• Method of navigation and method of horizontal control.

• Selection and establishment of control stations.

• Method of vertical control.

• Data logging requirements.

• Data reduction requirements.

• Data processing requirements.

• Deliverable product, including selection of map scale.

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