Diving is an activity that carries with it a certain amount of risk and training programs are designed to help divers identify those risks and develop workable strategies to manage them. There are risks associate with solo diving that go beyond the usual risks associated with recreational sport diving.

Although this book was written specifically as part of an instructional course devoted to planning and executing solo dives, it is understood that people make mistakes and misunderstand each other. For this reason, anyone who dives alone must be aware of the special risks to which one is exposed when venturing underwater without the potential support of a buddy in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

It should also be understood that this book is not intended to replace proper solo diver training conducted under the guidance and tutelage of a qualified SDI Solo Diver Specialty instructor.

The risks identified within this textbook include those commonly associated with recreational sport diving and include: out of air emergencies, equipment malfunctions, getting lost on a dive and others. For each of these contingencies we have identified commonly accepted fixes, reactions or planning procedures that will help mitigate their effects, but no textbook can contain all the answers to every possible scenario for an underwater emergency, and as such, this book is not a definitive treatment of the subject. Only with the help of a qualified instructor and experience gained over many, many dives will you begin to become a competent solo diver.

Introduction 7

Guide to Symbols 11

Chapter 1 Thinking and Acting Outside the Buddy System 13

Scuba IQ Review 21

Chapter 2 Beyond Basic Gas Management 22

Scuba IQ Review 35

Chapter 3 Dealing With Equipment Issues 36

Scuba IQ Review 47

Chapter 4 Dealing with Emergencies without Panic 48

Scuba IQ Review 57

Chapter 5 Staying Too Long, Going Too Deep

Getting Lost 60

Scuba IQ Review 75

Chapter 6 Special Equipment for Solo Diving 76

Scuba IQ Review 87

Chapter 7 The "Perfect" Dive Plan 88

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Guide To Scuba Diving

Guide To Scuba Diving

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