Purpose ofdlve:_

Purpose ofdlve:_

Dive Waypoints and GO-NO-GO Checkpoints:

□ Surface Gear and Comfort Check

□ Bubble and Comfort Check at 6m/20 ft

□ Gas and Time Check at Target Depth

□ Gas Check and Location

□ Check at quarter \ to one third max bottom time

□ Turn Dive Gas and Time Checks

□ Begin Ascent Gas and Time Checks

□ Begin Safety Stop

□ Surface Time and Gas Checks

Note: This dive planning slate Is designed as a tool to help you improve record keeping and to help ensure you dive within the limits of your equipment, training and experience. Its real value is increased if you make a regular habit of comparing actual values gathered on the dive with estimated values entered on this slate

Solo Dive Planner:

Gas Volume Calculations

Gas Volume Calculations




Personal Surface Air Consumption Rate litres or cubic feet (A) This is a constant

Maximum Planned Depth metres orfeet = atm (B)

NDLat Maximum Planned Depth metres or feet

SAC adjusted for Depth

A X B = litres or cubic feet

Estimated Dive Factor* ( workload plus stressors)

Easy 1.5; Moderate 1.8; Tough 2.0; Stressful 2.5; Serious Stress 3.0; Other

Dive Factor #

Target RMV for planned dive:

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Guide To Scuba Diving

Guide To Scuba Diving

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