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« PRACTICAL GUIDE TO NITROX Find out how oxygen-enriched air can work for you.

For the photo op of a lifetime, grab your camera and head to South Africas "Wild Coast," where schooling sardines arrive en masse June to August with packs of predators hot on their heels, Plus: U.S. airlines are now charging for a second checked bag. Here's how to deal with it.

OA ASK AN INSTRUCTOR The best way to handle an out-of-air emergency, figure out proper weighting, and more.

OS ASK DAN You've got some symptoms of decompression illness, but how can you be sure it's DCI? DAN has some advice.

#9 Scubapro's heavy-duty Caravan and At-fas dive bags; Body Clove's super stretchy 7mmfu[lsuit; Oceanic's tightweight Cruz BC; XS Scuba's flexible Miflex hoses; and jketite's com pact PC LED lights.


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