Time-Domain Parabolic Approximation Model

Time-Domain Parabolic Equation Target Echo, Noise and Reverberation Tactical Environmental Support System Turbulent Kinetic Energy Transmission Loss Transmission Line Matrix Modeling Netherlands Organization for Applied

Scientific Research Total Ownership Cost

Topography Experiment for Ocean Circulation (unflown NASA precursor mission to TOPEX/Poseidon)

TOPEX / Poseidon Joint US-French orbital mission launched in

1992 to track changes in sea-level height using radar altimeters

TOPS Thermodynamical Ocean Prediction System

TOSL Tactical Oceanography Simulation Laboratory

TOTS Tactical Ocean Thermal Structure

TOWAN Tactical Oceanography Wide Area Network

TRIMAIN Range-Dependent Acoustic Propagation Model

Based on Triangular Segmentation of the Range-Depth Plane

TRM Time-Reversal Mirror

TS Target Strength

TSPS Tide and Surge Prediction System

TTCP The Technical Cooperation Program

Two-Way PE PE Model with Backscattered Energy

UK United Kingdom

ULETA Propagation Model

ULF Ultra-low Frequency

UMPE University of Miami PE (now MMPE)

UNIMOD Propagation Model

US United States

USI Underwater Systems, Inc.

UUV Unmanned Undersea Vehicle

VISA Virtual Source Algorithm

VLA Vertical Line Array

VLF Very-Low Frequency

VSS Volume Scattering Strength

VV&A Verification, Validation and Accreditation

WADER Global Ocean Information System

WAM Wave Model

WDC World Data Center

WEDGE Range-Dependent Shallow-Water Normal

Mode Model

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