Ocean Refraction and Bathymetric Scattering



ORCA Normal-Mode Model for Acousto-Elastic

Ocean Environments

ORD Operational Requirements Document

OS2IFD Implicit Finite-Difference Parabolic Equation


OTIS Optimum Thermal Interpolation System

PAREQ Parabolic Equation Model

PARSIFAL Plane Wave Acoustic Reflection from a

Sediment of Inhomogeneous Fluid

PDPE Pseudo-Differential PE

PE Parabolic Equation

PECan Canadian Parabolic Equation

PE-SSF Parabolic Equation-Split-Step Fourier

PEREV Parabolic Equation Reverberation Model

PERUSE Parabolic Equation Rough Surface

PESOGEN Parabolic Equation Solution Generator

PIPS Polar Ice Prediction System

PLRAY Ray Propagation Loss Model

POM Princeton Ocean Model

POSSM Panel on Sonar System Models

PRISM Program for Integrated Sonar Modeling

PROLOS Propagation Loss Model

PROPLOSS Transmission Loss Module in ALMOST

PROSIM Propagation Channel Simulator (Broadband

Adiabatic Normal-Mode Propagation Model)

PROTEUS Propagation Model psu Practical Salinity Unit

PWE Progressive Wave Equation

RAM Range-Dependent Acoustic Model

RAMS RAM for Acousto-Elastic Problems

RANDI Research Ambient Noise Directionality Model

RANGER Range-Invariant Ray Model

RAP Reliable Acoustic Path

RASP Range-Dependent Active System Performance


RAY Range-Dependent Raytracing Program

RAYMODE Ray/Normal-Mode Model

RAYWAVE Ray/Wave Propagation Model

RBR Refracted-Bottom-Reflected

RBRSR Refracted-Bottom-Reflected-Surface Reflected

RD Recognition Differential; Range-Dependent

R&D Research and Development

RDFFP Range-Dependent FFP Model

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