range interval (Figure 11.3). These techniques are best suited to comparative model evaluations conducted in research environments.

Figure-of-merit techniques are essentially an inverted distance measure wherein a specified decibel level (or FOM) is selected and the corresponding ranges (or sonar detection zones) are determined and compared with a standard. The FOM equation was previously discussed in Chapter 10. These techniques are best suited to sensitivity analyses that have as their objective a determination of the operational (versus scientific) impacts of model prediction errors. Such techniques place importance on the location of sonar detection zones relative to a standard. These techniques thus recognize the ultimate application of the model predictions to naval operations. A hypothetical example of this technique, used in combination with the difference technique, is illustrated in Figure 11.4 (Leibiger, 1977).

11.5 The POSSM experience - a specific example

The deliberations of the POSSM are considered to be representative of past evaluation efforts, and aspects of these results will be discussed. The methodology developed and implemented by POSSM is summarized in Figure 11.5 (DiNapoli and Deavenport, 1979; Lauer, 1979). Only propagation models

S-M| AR1 AR2 AR3 AR4

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