Hbem Hfbl

FEPE with Conformal Mapping Finite-Element Parabolic Equation Model with

Shear-Wave Effects Fast-Field Program

Finite-Element, Full-Wave Range-Dependent,

Acoustic Marching Element Model Fast Fourier Transform Federal Information Processing Standards Floating Instrument Platform Fast Linear Intermediate Range Transmission Model

Fleet Numerical Meteorology and

Oceanography Center (formerly FNOC) Fast Normal Mode with Surface Scattering

Integrals Model Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (now

FNMOC) Finite-Element Ocean Acoustic Model Figure of Merit; Federation Object Model Finite Difference Methods, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Rational Function Approximations to Solve the LSS 3D Wave Equation Floating Production, Storage and Off-loading Focused Technology Experiments Genetic Algorithm Broadband Ray Propagation Model Generic Acoustic Stimulator System Generalized Digital Environmental Model Geochemical Ocean Section Study Geophysics Fleet Mission Program Library Gaussian Ray Bundles (Propagation Model in CASS)

Germinating Ray-Acoustics Simulation

Generic Sonar Model

Graphical User Interface

High-Angle PE Model

(Haro Strait) 2D Broadband Propagation

Model Based on Ray Theory Hamiltonian Acoustic Raytracing Program -Ocean

Hybrid Adaptive Regime Visco-Elastic

Simulation Technique Hybrid BEM

High-Frequency Bottom Loss

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