Padi Experience Programs Medical Statement

Please read carefully before signing. (Confidential Information)

This is a statement in which you are informed of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the PADI Experience Programs. Your signature on this statement is required in order to participate in the PADI Experience Programs program offered by___________________________

____________________________________________________(instructor), and

.(facility), located in the city of _ , and the state/country of .

Read this statement prior to signing it. You must complete this PADI Experience Programs Medical Statement/Questionnaire, which includes the medical history section, to enroll in the PADI Experience Programs. If you are a minor, you must have this PADI Experience Programs Medical Statement/Questionnaire signed by a parent or guardian.

Scuba diving is an exciting and demanding activity. When performed correctly, applying correct techniques, it is safe. When established safety procedures are not followed, however, there are dangers. To scuba dive safely, you must not be extremely overweight or out of condition. Diving can be strenuous under certain conditions. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy. A person with heart trouble, a current cold or congestion, epilepsy, asthma, a severe medical problem, or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, should not dive. If taking medication, consult your doctor before participating in this program.

You will also need to learn from the instructor the important safety rules regarding breathing and equalization while scuba diving. Improper use of scuba equipment can result in serious injury or death. You must be thoroughly instructed in its use under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor to use it safely.

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Guide To Scuba Diving

Guide To Scuba Diving

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