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Like any adventurous activity, there are potential risks in scuba diving* However, these are well known and easy to avoid by following some simple rules*

Possible risks specific to scuba diving include:

• Problems with your ears

• Drowning and breathing-in water

• Getting cold in the water

• Lung over-expansion injury

It is important to follow some simple rules to avoid injury, which, although unlikely, could be serious, even fatal

You will learn these rules during your scuba diving program*

When you follow these rules and suggestions, scuba diving is a reasonably safe and fun activity*

Roles and Responsibilities

PADI's Role: to provide the best training materials and educational support possible.

PADI Instructor's Role: to supervise your training, follow PADI's guidelines and provide as safe a diving experience as possible.

Parent's Responsibility: to help evaluate your medical, physical and emotional readiness to participate in scuba diving.

• If you or your parents know of any medical problems you may have, you'll need to see a medical doctor before scuba diving.

• The PADI Medical Statement will help you, your parents and the doctor review your medical fitness to participate.

Your Responsibility: to understand and put to use the following six ACTION steps during your scuba diving adventure.

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