Figure 72 Full Face Mask

7- Mouthpiece. The size and design of scuba mouthpieces differ between manufacturers, but each mouthpiece provides relatively watertight passageways for delivering breathing air into the diver's mouth. The mouthpiece should fit comfortably with slight pressure from the lips.

7-2.2.2 Cylinders. Scuba cylinders (tanks or bottles) are designed to hold high pressure compressed air. Because of the extreme stresses imposed on a cylinder at these pressures, all cylinders used in scuba diving must be inspected and tested periodically. Seamless steel or aluminum cylinders which meet Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications (DOT 3AA, DOT 3AL, DOT SP6498, and DOT E6498) are approved for Navy use. Each cylinder used in Navy operations must have identification symbols stamped into the shoulder (Figure 7-3).

7- Sizes of Approved Scuba Cylinders. Approved scuba cylinders are available in several sizes and one or two cylinders may be worn to provide the required quantity of air for the dive. The volume of a cylinder, expressed in actual cubic feet or

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