Equipment Cleanliness

Cleanliness and the procedures used to obtain cleanliness are a concern with NITROX systems. MILSTD 1330 is applicable to anything with an oxygen level higher than 25 percent by volume. Therefore, MILSTD 1330 must be followed when dealing with NITROX systems. Personnel involved in the maintenance and repair of NITROX equipment shall complete an oxygen clean worker course, as described in MILSTD 1330. Even with oxygen levels of 25 to 40 percent, there is still a greater risk of fire than with compressed air. Materials that would not normally burn in air may burn at these higher O2 levels. Normally combustible

Figure 10-2. NITROX Scuba Bottle Markings.

materials require less energy to ignite and will burn faster. The energy required for ignition can come from different sources, for example adiabatic compression or particle impact/spark. Another concern is that if improper cleaning agents or processes are used, the agents themselves can become fire or toxic hazards. It is therefore important to adhere to MILSTD 1330 to reduce the risk of damage or loss of equipment and injury or death of personnel.

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