Staff training

2.3.1 Physicians

Medical professionals in Hyperbaric Medicine, whether physicians or paramedical staff, require specific training. Medical training in this field began over ten years ago in some European countries, but varying approaches were made regarding training contents, organization, duration, diplomas and their recognition.

Aware of this disparity, fruitful cooperation between the Training and Education Committee of the ECHM and the Medical Committee of the EDTC has led to the drawing up of a proposal for common objectives, which will provide guidelines for harmonizing training between the different countries in Europe, and which could gain official recognition. It is within the duties of the European College of Baromedicine to make this possible. Requirements include :

- a curriculum drawn up for different categories of hyperbaric personnel, describing the levels of competence according to profession,

- a core curriculum of modular teaching, applicable to all hyperbaric personnel (medical and non-medical),

- education based on a modular system obtainable in different teaching institutions throughout Europe, with mutual recognition of core standards, and with a system of credits based on minimum duration and emphasis of teaching elements. Entry criteria for the education of hyperbaric medical personnel will depend on the competency ultimately required for the professional category.

- the European College of Baromedicine, as supported by the ECHM, should provide validation and accreditation for education and training in European countries.

2.3.2 Paramedical staff

To this day, France, under the aegis of the Ministry of Work, is the only country where a certificate of capacity for working in hyperbaric conditions is compulsory for paramedical professionals. This certificate bears various indications depending on the person's profession, and different categories depending on the pressure authorized.

A programme for the education and training of non-medical hyperbaric personnel has now been developed by an association of non-medical professionals (for example EBASS) in collaboration with the ECHM.

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