Reviewing the publications of the past 15 years, transcutaneous pO2 has been used in combination with HBO treatment as a predictor for the healing of problem wounds68 or of diabetic ulcers69 or of final outcome after pedicle musculocutaneous flap transplantation70,71. Wound healing and cell division requires a basic tissue oxygen tension of 30mm Hg. Cut-off values have been defined for success or failure of wound healing: Wattel72 reported the healing of ulcers in patients with arterial insufficiency when the PtcO2 exceeded 100mm Hg during exposure to HBO at 253.2kPa (2.5ata).

Transcutaneous pO2 values exceeding 400mm Hg during HBO exposure at 253.2kPa (2.5ata) or exceeding 50mm Hg during NBO exposure are considered as good predictors for the healing of chronic foot ulcers in diabetic patients73.

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