Regional VO2

Cerebral VO2 was reported to decrease by 12% at 202.6kPa (2ata) in man20.

Hepatic oxygen consumption21 was reported to be moderately elevated with a pO2 exceeding 100mm Hg. This finding has been interpreted as a sign of borderline hepatic oxygenation under normobaric conditions in the healthy organ but is inconsistent with the autoregulatory capacity of this organ to increase oxygen extraction under hypoxia.

Myocardial oxygen consumption22 and haemodynamic parameters were determined in ten chronically instrumented conscious dogs during pharmacological autonomic blockade and exposure to HBO at 303.9kPa. Apart from a reduction of left ventricular stroke volume, total coronary blood flow, cardiac output and myocardial oxygen consumption were significantly reduced (p<0.05) proportionally to the increased inspired oxygen fraction.

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