Other organs

Tissue oxygen tensions have been evaluated, i.e., in the eye74 and even intracellularly75. Nevertheless, data about hyperbaric exposure remain scarce in this context.

Skeletal muscle pO2 has been measured in patients with gas gangrene who presented with higher PtiO2 values than those with other anaerobic soft tissue infections76. Alpha toxin may be responsible for this increase in gas gangrene patients, by destroying cellular membranes and hence pO2 diffusion barriers.

Medulla oblongata oxygen tension77 and excitability have been measured in solitary rat neurons exposed to hyperbaric helium to test the effect of pressure per se and to HBO at 253.2kPa (2.5ata) to 344.4kPa (3.4ata). Increased pressure and HBO independently increased excitability in some solitary neurons.

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