Neurological signs

Initial clinical presentation may be the sudden occurrence of an isolated loss of consciousness, convulsive movement or a motor deficiency.

When fully evolved the clinical presentation may include (table 2.2.2-2) :

coma of a varying degree but usually stage I, convulsions, either generalized or focal hypertonia often marked and interspersed with exacerbations (opistothonos or extensor limb posturing)

pyramidal signs : bilateral extensor plantar response, exaggerated tendon reflexes, motor deficit (hemiplegia, monoplegia, facial paralysis, etc.), neuro-vegetative disorders, which immediately make the condition severe.

The above neurological manifestations frequently show variability in intensity and location - highly suggestive of the diagnosis.

Table 2.2.2-2. Neurological signs observed in a personal series of 54 cases of GE78_

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