HBO protocol

HBO should be employed according to the clinical situation. Results of recent randomized studies strengthen the basis to use HBO in acute CO poisoning. However, a number of very important issues remain unanswered. This includes the optimal dose of HBO (i.e., number of sessions; treatment pressure; and treatment duration; etc). Usually 90 minutes at a pO2 of 2.5 ata is sufficient. Most of the protocols used between 1 and 3 HBO sessions. In the Weaver's study, the greatest benefit was achieved in the first treatment. In clinical practice, it is usual to provide further HBO session if the patient has not recovered fully following the first session.

Patients with minor and/or subjective symptoms require high rate NBO using a mask for a minimum of 12-hours66.

A further question that remains is the point after which treatment is no longer indicated. In a study performed by Goulon18, the best results were obtained when the patients were treated within six hours. In clinical practice, it is usual not to treat after 24 hours from exposure if the patient is symptomfree.

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