Effect on cardiac output

A decrease of cardiac output has also been observed with normobaric oxygen breathing45.

Abel46 investigated the cardiovascular effects of hyperbaric air at 303.9kPa (3ata), HBO at 303.9kPa and NBO in thirteen anesthetized dogs. Heart rate and cardiac output decreased most with exposure to HBO whereas hyperbaric air had only mild effects. The response to NBO was similar but less pronounced. The authors found an imbalance between left and right ventricular performance and concluded that HBO may have a differential impact on the autonomic innervation of the right and left ventricle. This might explain the development of pulmonary edema in patients with congestive heart failure under exposure to HBO.

Cardiac output decreased by 36% and mean heart rate by 10% of the normobaric baseline value studied in a group of 23 healthy Navy divers47 performing steady state bicycle exercise under normobaric and hyperbaric conditions at 400kPa.

Further effects of HBO on haemodynamics will be discussed in chapter 1.5.

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