Golden Dolphin

Issue 2 contents

Illustrated articles/slide presentations:

The Color Yellow, a superb slide show Edward Snjiders

Desert Isles, of the Coral Sea Walter Starck

Secrets of the SW coast of the UK Mark Webster

Macro in New Zealand Wade and Jan Doak

The Saltwater people of Lau Lagoon Mike McCoy

Lost Fleet of the Rock Islands, Palau Tim Rock

Decompression,new advances multi contributors

Video and Slide Presentations, techniques Roger Roth

Video Features

Down and Dirty, in PNG and Indonesia Ray Izumi

Byron Bay Down Under, Australia..Tim Hochgrebe

Short articles

Sealions of Pearson I., South Australia Andrew Bowie

Gift for the Emperor, Andros I., Bahamas Walter Starck

Stromatolites of Shark Bay, West Australia Jeff Mullins

Humpback Whales of Roca Partida, Mexico..Carlos Villoch

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