Candice a bold new talent

by Sarah Jackson

Amateur Photographer magazine

Shot in the Maldives for FHM magazine, f90 aquatica housing wide angle lens. Kodak E100SW film. "Timing is very important when shooting split level"

Candice (she never uses her surname) came into photography by a circuitous route. She used to work with horses in New Zealand and Australia, before setting off to backpack round the world. A qualified diver, she was inspired to take pictures after diving off Australia's beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Once Candice was back in the UK, she decided to study for an HND in Photography at Plymouth College of Art & Design. Naturally, she chose the college's underwater photography option. At first Candice spent her time. photographing more conventional subjects under the waves, but that soon changed - she explains, 'I got bored of photographing fish'. Instead, she decided to concentrate on people, choosing the unusual route of taking fashion shots underwater.

Her work was spotted by British Airways which commissioned her, while she was still a student, to do a shoot in the Red Sea for its in-flight magazine, High Life. Returning to the UK, she started to get other commissions

Shot in a studio pool in london, using hmi film lighting, E100SW Kodak film, Bronica Etrsi camera, held very carefully above the water whilst I was standing in the water, no splashing allowed!! For Saturday Times magazine

Shot on 160vc kodak film. Nikon f90 in aquatica housing, wide angle lens. Commissioned by Sunday Times magazine, shot in Cape Town South Africa

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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