The festival is being hosted by the Caddebostan Scuba Divers' Sports Club in Istanbul. It is the 8th International and 15th National Underwater Festival.

The festival consists of two different contests:

8th Underwater Photo and Videos Contest and the 15th 'The

Living Marmara' Photo and Video Contest (requires on the spot dives on 23rd August 2008)

Deadline for registration and dispatch: 01st August 2008

'Getting Creative With Your Compact Camera1 Course

10th August - Oxford

17th August - Action Underwater Studios, Essex

Maria Munn of Ocean Visions is continuing her successful one day beginner's courses for divers with compact cameras in Oxford and at Action Underwater Studios in Essex.

The new ' Get Creative With Your Compact Camera Course' focuses on how to make the most of a digital compact camera which has control of Aperture Priority as well as Shutter Speed. The day is spent trying out different effects with both Macro and Wide-Angle Lenses as well as the opportunity to try out underwater flashguns. All of the demo equipment provided is made by Inon, renowned for its ability to make your compact camera take award-winning shots which are indistinguishable from the same subject taken with an SLR camera. Composition skills are closely developed before an extensive pool session to fine-tune newly learnt skills.

Magic Filters and a range of both Epoque and Inon Accessories are available for guests to try out.


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