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Sea&Sea RDX DSLR housings

Sea & Sea Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of new DSLR underwater camera housings to supplement the existing model range. The new waterproof camera housings are intended to compliment the MDX series which are machined from a solid block of aluminium. The latest RDX housings are manufactured from a high quality polycarbonate resin so as to dramatically reduce finished costs thus offering a wider range of products to the price sensitive market.

The first two RDX waterproof housings are for the Nikon D60 and Canon EOS 450D cameras; there will be more to follow.

The basic retail cost of an RDX housing is £824.95 inc VAT.

New Guam's Ocean

A new book by Guam-based marine photographer Tim Rock highlighting the undersea beauty of Guam's ocean and the beautiful coastal topography is now available.

Guam is a special mix of urban development and natural beauty. Surrounded by miles of stunning coastline and rich coral reefs, it has one of the most diverse marine communities in the Pacific with 400 coral species and over 1000 different fish.

In this book we start in the north and circumnavigate the island, traveling down the east coast, around the southern tip and then visually visiting the popular west coast reefs and bays.

Enjoy this look at Guam's special ocean world. The 160 page book contains 275 color photos above and below Guam with captions. It can be purchased at Blurb.

Leyndardomar sjavarins vio island

The only book available on underwater life with Iceland is "Leyndardomar sjavarins vio island" which came out in November 2008.

It is known to the world that the nature in Iceland is beautiful but this book opens up Iceland underwater, showing all kinds of creatures living in the cold sea around Iceland.

The book is 168 pages, written in Icelandic but more than 100 beautiful photos have a voice of their own. A unique book for nature lovers for 20 pounds. Please contact the photographer for further information.

[email protected]

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