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Ilha Grande Submerged

With an area of 193 square kilometers and 106 beaches, Ilha Grande island shelters a rich biodiversity. The book Ilha Grande Submerged shows that this tropical paradise, located at a distance of 200 km from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a haven to more riches than the human eye can perceive. With 176 pages, the book illustrates the visible and invisible universes of that ecosystem, revealing beings that measure less than 25 millimeters.

The magnificent images in the book are by Paulo Boneschi, photographer and scuba diver who for more than 26 years has investigated the ocean bed around the island

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Beneath Cornish Seas by Mark Webster

Hidden below the surface of the temperate Cornish seas is an amazing array of colourful marine life. A multitude of invertebrate species, including anemones, soft and stony corals, and even sea fans more common on coral reefs, paint the rocks with carpets of colour. Fish life is profuse, with shoals of bass and mackerel, wrasse, flatfish, blennies, scorpion fish, tope, sharks, and visitors from warmer, Southern waters. In summer there are trigger fish, sun fish, basking sharks, and even leatherback turtles. In Beneath Cornish Seas, Mark Webster's stunning underwater photographs give an insight into the life in our rock pools, and below the waves.

Mark Webster developed his interest in underwater photography while working in the commercial diving industry. It quickly became a passion, and he was soon scoring highly in competitive photography. He has represented the UK four times at the CMAS World Championships of Underwater Photography,

achieving Silver and Bronze medals. His publications include The Art and Technique of Underwater Photography, Diving and Snorkeling Belize, and Passions - Scuba Diving. He writes regularly for Diver magazine and UwP in the UK, and his work has featured in a host of diving, photographic and wildlife publications and exhibitions.

Beneath Cornish Seas is an 80 page paperback containing 93 photographs and retails for £10.95.

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