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Sony HVR-Z1E high definition video

Here's a new video camera for which housing manufacturers should be designing a housing. It represents a breakthrough in image quality at a comparatively affordable price (compared to high-end high definition cameras, that is!).

Sony has announced a new multi-format digital video camcorder, the HVR-Z1E, which is set to join the existing DVCAM range, offering users an affordable migration path from Standard Definition whilst retaining the qualities of the popular DVCAM range such as ease of use and i-LINK (FireWire, IEEE1394) connectivity. Designed for the professional user, the HVR-Z1E incorporates a number of significant features over consumer oriented products, according to Sony.

Principal features of the new camcorder and VTR include: Switchable recording and playback of HDV, DV and DVCAM formats, providing the professional user with the flexibility to choose the format that suits the need of their production.

50/60Hz (PAL/NTSC) switchable recording and playback

2-channel balanced audio XLR inputs, with independent adjustment of input levels for each audio channel

Colour and B/W switchable viewfinder

Simultaneous operation of both LCD panel and viewfinder, giving professional users the opportunity to focus shots accurately via the viewfinder while simultaneously framing images via the fold-out LCD panel.

In addition to the professional HDV camcorder, Sony will also introduce a compact Video Tape Recorder - The HVR-M10E. Like the camcorder, the VTR supports the recording and playback of DV, DVCAM and HDV formats and incorporates a 16:9 colour LCD viewing screen. The compact VTR also benefits from both mains power and battery operation.

UwP will keep you informed as soon as housings become available.

For more details visit

Gates EM419 External Color Monitor

The EM419 has a 4.1" /104mm color active matrix LCD to assist with framing and focus even in bright sunlight. Sophisticated features like power-on auto sense and PAL/NTSC auto sense mean no worries about accidental battery depletion or different formats.

Sea & Sea LX-15 video light

The LX-15, installed with a 15-watt 4.8 V halogen lamp is compact and light, and easy-to-use even for female. The light is very compact and mobile, and is the best entry model for an underwater video lighting that will bring out the bright colors of the subject. The LX-15 has a continuous burn time of 40 minutes (when using Ni-MH 2,400 mAh battery), Ni-MH batteries sold on the market can be used, and the usage is very simple. In addition, there is no need to carry around exclusively-designed battery

SEALUX housing for Sony VX2100 and PD170

The SEALUX MX 2100 underwater housing has been designed for the professional application of the Sony heigh-end-3-chip camcorder DCR-VX 2100 and DSR-PD170P.

or battery charger.

The newly-designed reflector provides even light from the center to the edges making it very suitable as a video light.

For further details visit www. seaandsea. com

FD-70 Housing for Nikon D-70 COMING SOON

Fantasea Line is pleased to announce the development of the FD-70 housing for the Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera. The FD-70 is scheduled to be launched in early 2005.

The target retail price with anti flooding insurance and standard lens port is less than $1000.

Amongst the features for the FD-70:

On/Off, Mode select menu, ISO, Exposure compensation, WB, Image quality, Playback and trash, Multi selector control, Main Dial command, Sub Dial command, Nikonos 5 PIN sync socket for external flash, Monitor zoom, Magnified optical viewfinder, Light control for LCD screen.

Interchangable ports system, Exposure compensation and much more. Operating depth to 60 meters/ 200 ft.

www, fantasea. com

The Coolpix Collection for the Nikon

2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4100,4200, 4300,5200

2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4100,4200, 4300,5200

Every housing includes one year anti flooding insurance program!


Strobes, Wide angle and Macro lenses, Arms, Trays and more now available!

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Special program for authorized dealers. For more Information -

[email protected]

Sensational Seas DVD

New World Publications is pleased to announce the DEMA premiere of Sensational Seas, a collaborative collection of exciting, unexpected, and spontaneously fun underwater images.

Escorted by veteran filmmaker Stan Waterman and distinguished marine journalist Cat Holloway, viewers will be treated to 90 minutes of previously unseen images from over 20 contributors. Dolphin courtship dancing, blenny turf wars, and remarkable false killer whales stalking sailfish are just a few of the

,54x Wide Lens

Macro Lens

Macro Lens

,54x Wide Lens

Epoque-USA • 858-455-0872

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

Epoque-USA • 858-455-0872

Epoque* USA

Digital Wide angle lens Macro lens Video Light Focus light Arms and Trays brilliant surprises awaiting the diver and nondiver alike.

"Sensational Seas lives up to the name" charms Anna DeLoach, producer and contributor, "and includes many sequences captured during once-in-a-lifetime encounters with some of the most exotic animals on earth". Award winning contributors Howard and Michelle Hall, Frazier Nivens and Stan Waterman and 20 other talented filmmakers from around the world donated time and footage to the project.

Award winning contributors Howard and Michelle Hall, Frazier Nivens and Stan Waterman and 20 other talented filmmakers from around

Epoque DCL-20 wide conversion lens

With 0.56 x magnification Digital camera can make 20mm wide angle photography with a 35mm digital camera lens. With 4 group / 5 element multi coated lens distortion is minimal. It can be used on the following housings:

Olympus PT-005/007/010/012/015 Epoque EHS-200 Z, EHC-1000 and EHN-4500

For further details

the world donated time and footage to the project.

REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) — a nonprofit group of volunteer recreational divers who document marine life and population trends — will receive all proceeds. The DVD will be available through dive retailers and directly from REEF.

Nexus Nikon D70

Nexus enjoy a strong reputation for the quality of their camera housings. The new housing for highly sought after Nikon D70 Digital SLR looks set to maintain that position.

The D70 follows the design concepts already established by the Nexus Master series for the classic Nikon F90. Clean lines reduce drag, compact dimensions keep the weight to less than 2kg and the port mount remains the same as on the Master series to allow use of existing ports by Nexus F90 owners.

The hull is constructed from cast aluminium and is rated to 75 metres. Over centre catches secure the two halves of the hull. Handgrips provide a firm hold with easy finger and thumb tip control of shutter release, main and sub command dials and manual focis/zoom wheels.

The handles can be fitted with spacers for those with larger hands with the option of an adapter to set the left grip forward of the housing for use with longer ports. This can help improve the overall handling with front heavy lenses. With manual focus macro ports this also helps place the focus wheel at your finger tips. The grips accept a range of flash and focusing light mounts, including Inon.

Ports are provided for possible future accessories, such as an external power pack. The base is protected by an anti skid pad. This helps avoid chipping the anodizing in this high wear area. Threads are provided for mounting trays and using tripods.

Dual Nikonos V strobe connectors are standard. Internally Nexus use a modified Nikon hot shoe to connect to the camera. This incorporates TTL (with housed Nikon i-TTL flashguns) and ready light confirmation LEDs. The hot shoe can be

removed from the housing in seconds for storage.

Ocean Optics in London supply two hot shoe connectors with the D70 housing, the standard one will permit TTL automatic exposure with Nikon i-TTL strobes in housings. The second one, commissioned by them, is for use with underwater flash guns. These need to be used on manual power settings.

A staggering quantity of 24 controls are provided to access all key functions. Nexus designer Toshi has chosen to use low profile push buttons to operate the controls on the back of the D70. This helps avoid damage.

A very efficient viewfinder reducer is provided with our Nexus D70 housings to provide optimum corner to corner viewing while wearing a mask.

There are push button and rotary controls for Lens removal release, AE-L and AF-L, Meter pattern select, Exposure compensation, Bracket , Function, Mode select, On/Off, AF/M focus modes, Menu, ISO, WB, Trash , Quality, Playback, Focus

selector, Multi Selector, Main Dial command, Sub-command dial , Shutter release, Dual Sync sockets 5 pin Nikonos type., Dual extra socket pass through for remote operation, (3) 1/4x20 screw mount holes on bottom, Strobe mount on top of handles.

The weight on land is 4Lbs 7 oz and underwater weight depends on the lens/port configuration. The Nexus D70 housing is 5"x6.75xl2.5 with handles attached.

Nexus Master F90 Nikon

Nexus D70 Digital

Anthis/Nexus since 1979

Nexus offers amazing features with compact size.

• Aluminum housing

• Full controls

• 2 Extra external glands

• Adjustable handles

Visit www, usanexus. com

See all the features for the Nikon D70 that Nexus has to offer.

858-455-0873 USA Nexus

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