Aquatica have announced their new Nikon D2x housing. The aluminum housing is machined out of a solid block making it a solid and stylish. Well positioned buttons and levers allow full access to all of the D2x features. The buttons on the joystick section are spread out for ease of use even with gloves.

The body slides in and out easily with no misalignment. All commands are spring loaded and all controls are identified with pad printing marking. The improved finder allows for almost 100% viewing.

This unit is well balanced, rated to 300 feet (100m) and all shafts are double o-ringed.

The housing comes standard with dual Nikonos bulkhead and moisture alarm for under £2000 (VAT included) and is rated to 300ft (100m). Available Mid September.

Contact mauricio @ handlerphoto. com Aquatica's technical Field Advisor for specs, sales and support.

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