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[he Ikelite SLR-DC housing :akes full advantage of ihe digital SLR camera innovative features. The is injection melded of c:ear, lightweight polycarbonate for strength, visual access to the camera, LCD screens and camera controls. The housing provides controls for most camera functions. The versatility of this housing shows in the interchangeable port system which allows the use of a wide variety of lenses from macro to wide-angle to zoom. The rubber handles provide excellent grip and a quick release system for multiple strobe attachments to meet the needs Of the most demanding professional.


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D-70 E-300

The Ikelite SLR-DC housings have

Conversion Circuity built into the camera housing. When used with an Ikelite DS Substrobe; the Conversion Circutry provides TTl flash exposure.

The Tkelite SLR-DC housings for Canon and Nikon also include a Flash Compensation Module whici provides over and under-exposure compensation in the ITL mode. At the push of a button, switch to Manual Exposure Mode which provides eight power settings in one-haif stop increments. All exposure 00m pen sat ion is done with 2 buttons on the back of the housing, no accessing compl cated camera menus,

The Ikelite SLR-DC housings for Olympus have conversion circuitry and provide real Olympus TTl when used with Ikelite DS Substrobes ¬°Jut do not include the Hash Compensation Module,

New products

Ikelite Olympus E-300 DSLR housing with TTL auto exposure

The Ikelite housing for the Olympus E300 DSLR is moulded from corrosion-free clear polycarbonate and is rated to 200 feet. The housing includes special conversion circuitry to utilize the outstanding Olympus TTL system. This is real Olympus TTL control with a sync cord, allowing optional Ikelite DS-50 and DS-125 SubStrobes to provide actual Olympus TTL automatic exposure dictated by the camera when attached with a single #4103.51 or #4103.52 dual sync cord.

Other strobes can be used, but will only operate in manual mode.

All ports from our SLR systems can be utilized, allowing use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses.

This compact dSLR housing system is very realistically priced and control for all camera functions is


The housing size and weight provides neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater. Camera installation is quick and simple. The reliable controls are conveniently placed at your fingertips, and kept water tight with Ikelite's pioneered Quad-Ring seal glands proven to be the most reliable method for sealing controls.

The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask.

Aquatica D2x housing

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