The British Society of Underwater Photographers BSoUP

The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) was formed in 1967. Today it has over 300 members and is the largest underwater photographic society in Britain.

When it was formed, the prime objects of BSoUP were to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about underwater photography and put the activity on the map. Today, the Society is still dedicated to encouraging and developing underwater photography in all its aspects, from slides to cine and video. Its members vary from divers who have just started to take underwater photographs to eminent professionals who lead the world.

The basic needs of members for information and contact with other enthusiasts is catered for in several ways.

General meetings are held in London on the third Wednesday of every month. At these meetings a particular aspect of underwater photography is discussed to help the less experienced. Led by very experienced, award winning photographers, these discussions are followed by a competition, the subject of which varies from month to month. These competitions are open to all members and provide an opportunity for those competing to see how their work compares to that of others.

The main event of each meeting is a presentation by an individual or small group, either members or invited guest speakers. These presentations can range from underwater photographic expeditions to specialised techniques for certain types of underwater photography and talks by renowned personalities.

The meetings also provide an informal social environment where members can exchange ideas, sell unwanted equipment, arrange expeditions and enjoy a drink at the bar.

Additionally the Society produces its own newsletter 'in focus', which is sent to all members, every four months. This full colour newsletter includes news of meetings and competitions, items on underwater photography and expeditions and second hand equipment for sale.

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