Ring of Bright Water

Inon's Quad Flash is one of the most innovative tools ever made available to underwater photographers. The four reflectors provide shadowless lighting with an ethereal quality all of it's own. The compact size is less intrusive than conventional strobes and makes animals much more approachable.

The Quad is packed with useful features such as an automatically activated modeling light to assist autofocusing and Nikon compatible TTL. To get creative there are three manual powers and a built in shade lets you block off two of the reflectors.

Available with ports to suit both Subal and Sea and Sea SLR housings. Quad from £995.00. Ports from £299.00. For a full review by award winning photographer, author and underwater photography coach Mark Webster see UwP Issue 2 at http://www.uwpmag.co.uk

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Ocean Optics

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Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

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