Sigma 1020mm lens

The 10 - 20 mm F4.0 - F5.6 is an interesting super wide-angle lens which would provide 15 - 30 mm equiv. on a 1.5 FOV crop camera (such as the Nikon D70).

This lens also features Sigma's HSM (HyperSonic Motor) for high speed silent focusing with manual focus override.

Following the success of the 10D, the 20D is the latest offering from Canon, thought by many to be the market leaders in digital photography. The 20D is an 8 megapixel DSLR, offering the handling and build quailty many would expect from a pro level camera.

The housing features a total of 18 controls, the ergonomic positioning gives comfortable access to the cameras functions, in the form of push buttons, levers, and rotary dials. Many other features which

New Mistral twinhose

Aqualung have announced a new twin hose regulator. The first commercially available sport diving regulators used two hoses - one to feed air to the diver, the other to remove exhaled air. Both hoses meet at a valve at the divers back. But by the early 1970's twin hose regulators had largely given way to single hose models.

Veteran underwater photographers often favoured twin hose regulators because they could make shy subjects much more approachable. This is because exhaled air leaves from behind the divers head. The bubbles are also better dissipated by the valve casing . Basically, the fish doesen't get buffetted as much as when you exhale through a normal regulator mouthpiece.

The new regulator is called the Mistral in honour of the original Mistral series of twin hose regulators which were renowned worldwide in the early days of the sport. The 21st century model is available in a clamp or DIN fittings and has take offs for an octopus and direct feeds. There's even a special edition for collectors!

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