Housing arrivals

Traditionally housing manufacturers have to wait until they can get their hands on a camera before they can start work designing and producing housings.

Imaging my surprise when I heard that Alex Mustard had taken delivery of his housing for a Nikon D2x a day before the camera was released in the UK!

The reason for this is because Nikon had used the identical camera chassis from a previous digital SLR for which Subal had already made a housing. The result was a manufacturers and underwater photographers dream - a housing being available as soon as the camera hits the market.

It makes great financial sense for Nikon to use an existing chassis while upgrading the sensor chip and electronics. This saves R&D time and expense and Canon have also done this with some of their high end DSLRs.

This new development helps both the camera and housing manufacturers as well as underwater photographers.

Maybe the digital age is slowing down afterall!

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