Underwater Procedures

17-7.1 General Guidelines. The divers should adhere to the following guidelines as the dive is conducted:

Monitor primary and secondary display frequently (every 2-3 minutes)

Wear adequate thermal protection

Know and use the proper amount of weights for the thermal protection worn and the equipment carried

■ Check each other's equipment carefully for leaks at the start of the dive

Do not exceed the UBA canister duration and depth limitations for the dive (paragraph 17-4.1.3)

■ Minimize gas loss from the UBA (avoid mask leaks and frequent depth changes, if possible)

Maintain frequent visual or touch checks with buddy

■ Be alert for symptoms suggestive of a medical disorder (paragraph 17-11)

Use tides and currents to maximum advantage

17-7.2 At Depth. If the UBA is performing normally at depth, no adjustments will be required. The ppO2 control system will add oxygen from time to time. Monitor UBA primary and secondary displays and high pressure gauges in strict accordance with the MK 16 O&M manual. Items to monitor include:

Primary Display. Check the primary display frequently as outlined in the MK 16 O&M manual (paragraph 3-4.6.1) to ensure that the oxygen level remains

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