Operational Planning

Because the MK 16 UBA maintains a constant partial pressure of oxygen and only adds oxygen or diluent gas as needed, dives of long duration are possible. Mission capabilities, dive procedures, and decompression procedures are radically different from any other methods. This requires a high level of diver training and awareness and necessitates careful dive planning. Chapter 6 provides general guidelines for operational planning. The information provided in this section is supplemental to the MK 16 UBA O&M manual and provides specific guidelines for MK 16 UBA dive planning. In addition to any other requirements, at least half of all dive training should be at night or in conditions of restricted visibility. Units

Decompression Dive
Figure 17-4. Underwater Breathing Apparatus MK 16 MOD 0.

requiring a deep operational capability should allow frequent opportunity for training, ensuring diver familiarity with equipment and procedures. Workup dives are strongly recommended prior to diving at depths greater than 130 fsw. MK 16 diver qualifications may be obtained only by completion of the MK 16 Basic Course (A-431-0075) or the Naval Special Warfare Center MK 16 qualifications course. MK 16 qualifications remain in effect as long as diver qualifications are maintained in accordance with Military Personnel Manual article 1410380. However, a diver who has not made a MK 16 dive in the previous six months must refamiliarize himself with MK 16 EPs and OPs and must complete a MK 16 training dive prior to making a MK 16 operational dive. Prior to conducting MK 16 decompression diving, a diver who has not conducted a MK 16 decompression dive within the previous six months must complete open water decompression training dives. Refer to Table 17-1 for the personnel requirements for MK 16 diving operations.

17-4.1 Operating Limitations. Using combat swimmer multilevel dive (CSMD) procedures provides SPECWAR divers with the option of conducting multiple-depth diving with the MK 16 UBA if a maximum depth of 70 fsw (NEDU Report 13-83) is not exceeded at any time during the dive. Refer to Table 17-2 for equipment depth limitations. Diving Supervisors must also consider the limiting factors presented in the following paragraphs when planning closed-circuit UBA operations.

17-4.1.1 Oxygen Flask Endurance. In calculating the endurance of the MK 16, only the oxygen flask is considered. The endurance of the oxygen flask is dependent upon the following:

Flask floodable volume

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