1. One tender per diver when divers are surface tended. If using a buddy line, one tender is required for each buddy pair.

2. May act as timekeeper/recorder.

3. EOD Diving Officer is required on site for all EOD operations that involve render safe procedure; for SPECWAR, Diving Officer is not required on station. On station is defined as at the dive location.

4. Diving Officer may perform any other function simultaneously (i.e., Diving Officer/Diver).

5. A Diving Medical Officer is required on station for all dives exceeding the normal working limit.

6. EBS Operator is for MK 16 in-water decompression dives.

7. At the Diving Supervisor's discretion, the standby diver shall be fully dressed with the exception of scuba or MK 16, mask, and fins. These items shall be ready to don.

8. If the Standby Diver is deployed, the Diving Supervisor shall tend the Standby Diver.

Table 17-2. Equipment Operational Characteristics.


Normal Working Limit (fsw)

Maximum Working Limit



(Notes 1 and 2)

(fsw) (Note 1)


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