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Submerging your expensive digital SLR isn't the time to discover you've made a false economy.

Subal housings bring with them more than forty years of design excellence.

Attention to detail, superb

Ocean Optics

Nikon housing WP-CP1 for Coolpix 2200 and 3200

This Waterproof Case is an optional accessory designed exclusively for COOLPIX 2200 and COOLPIX 3200. The case allows you to take pictures safely in the rain, on the beach or even underwater to the depth of 40m.

Ocean Images & Cquinox Housings For Sony, Canon & Panasonic Camcorders.

The Olympus & Canon Housings Slave & TTL Flash Packages & Accessories

Digital Video Digital Still Camera HOUSINGS HOUSINGS

Ocean Images & Cquinox Housings For Sony, Canon & Panasonic Camcorders.

The Olympus & Canon Housings Slave & TTL Flash Packages & Accessories

Nikon housing WP-CP2 for Coolpix 5200 and 4200

This high-quality Waterproof Case is an optional accessory designed exclusively for COOLPIX 5200 and COOLPIX 4200, allows you taking pictures safely in the rain, on the beach or even underwater scuba diving or other water sports to the depth of 40m.

www.oceanoptics .co .uk

Mediasub System photo KF 3

The KF3 housing series was specifically developed for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Minolta cameras. The various housings offer the beginning underwater photographer or the seasoned pro an array of adjustment options. All important camera controls have been taken into consideration during production, enabling the enthusiast to take full advantage of all the capabilities modern cameras provide. Two universal housings are available for older or less common cameras so that virtually any camera can be used.

In special cases, housings can also be custom made upon request.

Housings are available for:

Canon EOS D10, Canon EOS D30, Canon EOS D60, Canon EOS D300, Olympus E 10, E 20, Fuji Finepix SI, Fuji Pro S2, Nikon D100 and D70.

www.mediasub .com

Fantasea CP-5

The new fantasea CP-5 is designed for the Nikon Coolpix 4200 and 5200 digital cameras and will be available in August 2004.

The 4 camera function control buttons include Zoom/Wide Angle and Review

The CP-5 has a maximum operating depth of 40meters/130 ft. www.fantasea .com

Hugyfot and Green Force

At age 74, Renee Hugenschmidt, the founder of Hugyfot housings, began his search to locate a company that could maintain his efforts in producing state of the art camera housings. He wanted to continue giving divers the ability to preserve their discoveries through beautiful


In January, 2004 Renee announced that Green Force would be the company to carry on his legacy. With Green Force's experience in marketing needs and demands, Hugyfot could soon become the choice of divers who want the ability to take high quality pictures easily.

In a positive first step, Hugyfot


Digital strobes

Wide angles lens Macro lens Video Light Focus light Arms and Trays

Find all the accessories you need for digital underwater photography

Epoque-USA • 858-455-0872

i has joined Leica. Hugyfot manufactures the housing for the LEICA DIGILUX 2 camera. Great brands joining forces to build a great future, in the dive industry.

Green Force also make a range of HID lights and their agent in the USA is Marine Camera Distributors.

.54x Wide Lens

Fantasea Line Introduces:

Every housing includes one year anti flooding insurance program!


Strobes, Wide angle and Macro lenses, Arms, Trays and more now available!

Purchase On-Line at best rates ever >

Special program for authorized dealers.

For more information -info(S)

* available soon

JL 2004 R'oodv Mtivhoi

Nexus Nikon D70

JL 2004 R'oodv Mtivhoi

Especially designed for the Nikon D70, a 6.1 mega pixel single reflex digital camera with interchangeable lenses,the

Nexus has lens ports to support a full range of lenses from super wide to control and LCD illuminator as well as shutter speed selection for right hand operation.

There are dual sync ports for strobe sync with standard Nikonos super macro.

Being manufactured from cast aluminum makes this a compact, lightweight and fully featured camera housing using all stainless steel shafts.

Nexus has incorporated precision fingertip action controls with selected metering options, exposure compensation and camera on/off as well as shutter release and aperture selection with right hand control.

Mode selector, bracket exposure and shooting mode controls, focus mode control and a special lens release control are on the right front.

In addition there is AE-L/AF-L

Nexus D70 Digital -»

Anthis/Nexus since 1979

Nexus offers amazing features with compact size.

• Aluminum housing

• Full controls

• 2 Extra external glands

• Adjustable handles


See all the features for the Nikon D70 that Nexus has to offer.

www.usanexus .com

International Shipping Available

We STOCK a wide selection of Nexus accessories ports, gears, Wet Lens, plus Ikellte & Ultralight

Jonah Housings for Canon

& Nikon Jonah

C10D & ND100

style connector or INON Fiber Optic converter for Inon D180 strobes.

www.nexusamerica .com

"Ansmann" Batteries & Chargers

-Travel Chargers -Power Supplies -NiMh Batteries

Complete Custom Packages Ready To Dive

Nexus Housings

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