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Underwater "Photography

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5 News & Travel 11 New products

23 FlashTrax review 35 Cabilao by Peter Rowlands

24 Fuji F710 review

17 Ikelite/Nikon D70

by Will Postlethwaite

21 Battery tester by Peter Rowlands

27 Breatholding by Tony Matheis by Phillip Colla a web magazine Aug/Sept 2004 e mail [email protected]

44 Telephoto

44 Telephoto

24 Fuji F710 review

by Nonnoy Tan

by Nonnoy Tan

39 Turks & Caicos by Will Postlethwaite

21 Battery tester

by Phillip Colla

by Alexander Mustard

49 Eumig Nautica by Steve Warren by Bernardo Sambra

Cover by

Phillip Colla

52 Book reviews 54 Classifieds 56 Parting shot by Tony Sutton

U/w photo competitions

UwP has made a point of trying to help promote many of the underwater photography competitions which take place annually throughout the year but recent discussions on the internet forums have highlighted the possible copyright problems involved.

Most competition entry forms come with more pages of regulations than most entrants can be bothered to read but a careful scan of these rules can reveal some worrying and often flagrant attitudes towards the entrant's copyright protection.

In truth most well established competitions are respectful of the entrant's copyright and only ask that they be allowed to use the winning entries to promote the current and next competitions. This seems fair enough to me except in the case where a diving magazine organises the competition and saves itself a tidy sum by being able to reproduce the winning images in its publication.

However there are other competitions, one of which we feature in this very issue whose rules state "Use of Photos by the NC Aquariums—All entered photographs will become the property of the North Carolina Aquariums and may be used without further compensation for a variety of purposes including, blah blah blah etc etc". Basically they do what they like with the pictures.

Now I make no excuses for promoting such a competition because firstly it is, without doubt, a worthy cause and secondly the rules are plain and simple and make no bones about what will happen to an entrant's photographs. In short, each entrant must enter with their eyes open and make sure they are fully informed and accept the consequences.

Competitions provide a healthy venue for those

Editorial who wish to compete and I myself have entered them in the past when I was young, eager and wanted to become known.

Now that I am older, less eager and well known for all the wrong reasons I really don't see why underwater photography should be competitive. In competitions, for every winner there are dozens of bitter losers who lose the abiity to enjoy their own underwater photography by trying to achieve a grading for their work.

So that's why I gave up entering competitions -because I don't see it as a competitive hobby and I couldn't face being beaten by the new kids on the block.

Shark attacks

A recent fatality in Australia involving a surfer and most likely a Great White shark was a tragic event and my sympathies go out to all those affected.

However I have to question the human response to this attack for the authorities announced that they were going to try and find the culprit and shoot it.

Such a response beggars belief from at least two points of view. Firstly Great Whites, as I understand it, are an officially endangered species and so really ought not be shot for doing what comes naturally to them and secondly how will they know which shark did the attack?

Sharks can reputably cover up to 100 miles a day (which is faster than we can do on most of our motorways at weekends). In addition they could swim in any direction in a 180° arc from the shore so by my reckoning the search area at the end of the first day would be well over 15,000 square miles. I think that gives the culprit a pretty good chance of fleeing the bullet.

The father of the victim was quoted as saying that he held no hard feelings towards the shark which, at such a tragic time, was highly commendable. He accepted that his son was in the shark's territory and suffered as a consequence.

We all know the oft-quoted statistic that more people die per year choking on peanuts than are killed by sharks but peanuts aren't, to my knowledge, an endangered species and anyway I always buy smoothe peanut butter.

Larson on the web

I am a huge fan of cartoonist Gary Larson and used to pay for and include one of his marine related cartoons in every issue of the original Underwater Photography magazine from 1987 -1989.

Imagine my surprise when I asked for a similar request for UwP and received the following reply:

"Unfortunately, Mr. Larson has a blanket policy that does not permit his cartoons to appear in any electronic format".

Well, at the risk of being sued, do you remember the one of the two bears in the wood and one of them has a large ring of target circles on his chest and the other bear says "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal".

It's just not the same, is it?

[email protected]

News, Travel & Events

Visions in the Sea

Ocean Optics/INON digital seminar October 23rd 2004, London

Europe's first conference devoted exclusively to digital underwater photography is being held in London in October.

Visions in the Sea is now in its eighth year. Previous conferences have been concerned primarily with using film to take photographs beneath the waves. However, this year, the focus is entirely digital.

The conference is staged by Ocean Optics, the specialist retailer of underwater photographic equipment based in London. Said Optic's Steve Warren: "The content of Visions this year reflects the significant increase in the number of people buying digital outfits so they can take up underwater photography. We are catering for them but also more serious users of top-of-the range digital SLR's."

Speakers range from divers who use modestly priced compact cameras to seasoned and award winning experts who will share their experience and secrets with the audience.

The conference is being held at the Waterloo campus of King's College London in Stamford Street, SE1 9NN, on Saturday, October 23. Speakers include Peter Rowlands, Alex Mustard, Charles Hood, Will Postlethwaite and Dave Lloyd.

Peter Rowlands, digital guru and founder of UwP magazine

Alex Mustard, marine biologst and UwP contributor

Peter Rowlands, digital guru and founder of UwP magazine

Alex Mustard, marine biologst and UwP contributor

Peter Rowlands

Peter is a digital guru whose been working out a lot recently judging by his photo. He has been involved in underwater photography for over 30 years and is a true convert to digital

Alex Mustard

Alex is a marine biologist and one of the UK's most creative and imaginative underwater photographers,. He is also UwP's most prolific contributor and is on the committee of BSoUP.

Will Postlethwaite, Cornish cool dude and UwP contributor

Charles Hood, Senior Correspondent for Dive magazine and UwP contributor

Charles Hood

Charles is digital photo-journalist whose trademark pictures of sharks, whales and dolphins have been widely published. He is the author of Dive guide to Cornwall and is Senior Correspondent to UK's Dive magazine.

Charles uses digital cameras for all his magazine work and is shortly moving up to a full size chip camera.

Will Postlethwaite

Will is a Cornwall based diving instructor who has extensive experience using a variety of digital cameras to take photographs around the UK as well as in much warmer waters like the Red Sea, South Africa, the Maldives and Indonesia.

Photoshop wizard Dave Lloyd is the Art Editor at UK's Dive magazine

Dave Lloyd

Photoshop wizard Dave Lloyd is the Art Editor at UK's Dive magazine and will draw on his wide design experience to demonstrate how underwater images can be improved and modified with this popular programme.

They will examine the digital evolution and its implications for underwater photography, how to evolve techniques to make the best use of digital cameras, how to take high impact photographs, light filtration and the use of colour filters as well as how they use laptops and other digital storage devices to download their pictures while they are on dive trips and expeditions.

Full details of the conference can be obtained from Ocean Optics, 13 Northumberland Avenue,

London WC2N 5AQ. Tel 020 7930 8408 email optics @ oceanoptics .co .uk

My Underwater Photo Journey

Cathy Church's journey

"My Underwater Photo Journey" is a long over-due portfolio of Cathy Church's favorite images from around the world. It is 11" x 10" hardcover, with short captions describing each of the 135 color and 14 black and white images, as well as a brief code listing the camera equipment used. From Cathy's website, you can download a photo lesson that tells you how she took the photo, along with an additional photo lesson germane to the subject. It is like getting two books for the price of one.

Cathy's underwater photo journey extends from the Caribbean to the south Pacific, from the surface to 150 feet deep. Her work has been admired throughout the world since she started to write articles about how to take pictures underwater in 1967. This delightful book is the first time that she has shown us so many of her lovely photographs; they show her sense of whimsy and art, yet are balanced by her education in marine biology, as a result, we can relish the image and absorb the lesson and yearn for more.

Cathy is one of the few underwater photo artists to pursue fine

My Underwater Photo Journey

art black and white limited edition work. She explores the scene in the same ways that Ansel Adams did, and she spends several days fine-tuning the technique for printing each image, her black and white prints show a rare blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

The cost is only US$39.95 plus $8.00 S&H. You may order by mail with US check or credit card, Cathy Church, P.O. Box 479 GT, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands or by phone (345-949-7415), FAX (345-949-9770) or email [email protected].

A full service dive travel agency specializing in photography trips

Travel with the Pros:

Clay Wiseman, Jack & Sue Drafahl

Denise & Larry Tackett,

Stuart & Michelle Westmoreland

Portugese pdf Underwater Photography magazine

There is a new online pdf magazine about underwater photography published in Portugese.

The 25 page first issue is available now at The content is a good mix of technical information, tips, travel and profiles and the photos are excellent. It's good to see another enthusiast using computers and the world wide web to produce a magazine for Portugese readers.

The editor is Christian Sgarbi web site www. virtualfoto sub .org e-mail: [email protected]

Venture on,your own to the premiere underwater landscapes .of the world

Let our Experience be your Guide

Toll free(US & Canada) 1 800 794 9767 International +001 415 289 1760 California USA [email protected]

North Carolina Aquarium Photo Contest

The North Carolina Aquariums are looking for your best shots.

Each year, the state's three public aquariums get together to conduct an Underwater Photography contest. The contest is designed especially for amateur and non-professional photographers and no entry fee is required. Deadline for this year's entries is December 31, 2004. Winners will be announced on or before March 31, 2005. Now in its fourth year, the contest is sponsored by East Carolina Bank.

The aquariums stage the underwater photo contest to highlight the state's rich aquatic resources and to recognize excellence in amateur photography. Employees of the N.C. Aquariums and their immediate families are ineligible. Photos taken by aquarium volunteers while on duty are not eligible.

Cash prizes are awarded in each of three categories: first place $500; second place $200; third place $100; honorable mention $50. Winners at all levels receive certificates. All winning photos will be published in the Summer 2005 edition of "Aquarium News," the magazine of the North Carolina Aquarium Society.

Photographers may submit up to three 35mm slides, prints, or digital images in each of three categories: 1) Underwater Open, which may include wide-angle shots of shipwrecks or other North Carolina underwater scenes; 2) Underwater Animal Close-ups (macro); 3) Aquatic Life in the NC Aquariums, which may feature any animal or group of animals displayed at any of the three North Carolina Aquariums.

Entries by divers must be taken in the waters off North Carolina, or within the state's freshwater systems. The category, "Aquatic Life in the NC Aquariums," allows non-divers to submit photos that capture the beauty and diversity of North Carolina's aquatic life as displayed in exhibits at any of the three N.C. Aquariums.

For complete contest rules and entry application, or to view last year's winning entries, visit Mail entries to Photo Contest, North Carolina Aquariums, 417 North Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.

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