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Divesafari Santorini

A new concept in exploring the natural beauty of the seas is available in the Greek island of Santorini.

A divesafari is a full one or two day charter to remote and unique locations. A divesafari can be combined with a barbeque on a remote beach and a sleep-over at small hotels or campsites of remote islands.

Choosing a location will depend on your interests and preference. We can explore new wall or reef dives.

We can dive wrecks or one of the underwater volcanos around Santorini.

We tailor from four hour to multiple day yacht charter adventures within a 100 mile radius of Santorini island, in the Aegean Sea.

We will take you to locations of unique natural beauty and entertain both divers and non-divers to the highest standard of comfort and luxury.

We offer the opportunity to do a number of sports and activities or indeed to just relax and do very little.

Reef, wall and wreck diving, Explore underwater caverns and caves, Snorkel and freedive, Underwater photography, Underwater cinematography and finding crystal clear waters to enjoy swimming

Sunbathe in the privacy of our luxury motoryacht

We can arrange additional services such as watersking, inflatable towing or use of underwater scooters. We can also arrange for a great variety of activities off the boat including horseriding, sailing, jetskiing, hiking, cayaking, waterskiing and paragliding.

When you book with our staff or agents we will provide you with a number of suggestions. We will then endeavour to tailor the best package to suit your needs.

Digital Underwater Photography fit Writer Workshop

Atlantis Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines 8 to 14 March 2008

Brendan O'Brien

Conceived by the authors of best selling 'Essential Guide to Digital Photography', the New Digital Underwater Photography & Writer Workshop has been developed for divers who want to take their underwater photographic skills to the next level. With a modular course structure, participants will be able to achieve certification and acquire skills that are far beyond just taking a technically correct photograph. The emphasis is to help aspiring photographers to compose and paint' a picture with a camera, using both natural and artificial lighting. Catering for both Novice and Advanced shooters (Prosumer and DSLR), there are two course syllabuses to choose from: the Absolute Essentials and Advanced Essentials.

Some of the principal modules are: Photographic Etiquette &

Brendan O'Brien

Conservation issues; Exposure Techniques; Beyond Basic Techniques; Macro / Wide Angle Techniques; Elements of Successful Composition; How to Shoot for Competitions; How to Shoot with Models; How to get Published; Advanced Lighting Techniques; Post Processing; Photoshop & Printing Techniques.

The digital photography workshop modules also include the essentials of post editing using Photoshop and other tested software to create multi-media presentations. The program schedule allows for maximum shooting time. The lesson modules, plus the formal and informal critique sessions will ensure that participants develop the essential techniques to take publishable images.

SLR-DC Housings

The Ikelite SLR-DC housing takes full advantage of the digital SLR camera's innovative features. The housing is injection molded of clear, lightweight polycarbonate for strength, visual access to the camera, LCD screens and camera controls. The housing provides controls for most camera functions. Ikelite SLR-DC Housings include conversion circuitry that provide TTL compatibility with the latest Ikelite DS Substrobes. Most housings also include a Flash Compensation Module which provides over and underexposure compensation in the TTL mode and easily allows you to switch to Manual Exposure Mode which provides eight power settings. All exposure compensation is done on the back of the housing. There is no need to access complicated camera menus.

Housings for:


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