Warning Scuba equipment is not authorized for use in enclosed space diving

6-7.2.2 Buoyancy. Scuba equipment is designed to have nearly neutral buoyancy when in use, permitting the diver to change or maintain depth with ease. This allows the scuba diver to work at any level in the water column.

6-7.2.3 Portability. The portability and ease with which scuba can be employed are distinct advantages. Scuba equipment can be transported easily and put into operation with minimum delay. Scuba offers a flexible and economical method for accomplishing a range of tasks.

6-7.2.4 Operational Limitations. Divers shall adhere to the operational limitations contained in Figure 6-14. Bottom time is limited by the scuba's fixed air supply, which is depleted more rapidly when diving deep or working hard.

6-7.2.5 Environmental Protection. The scuba diver is not as well protected from cold or from contact with marine plants and animals as a diver in surface-supplied gear, and is more easily swept along by current.

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